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About Me

As a third-year Cinema Studies student at Oberlin College, Ohio, I possess a keen interest in narrative filmmaking and film photography. My prior experience encompasses various roles within a film crew, such as directing, lighting, and cinematography.

Through the course of my studies, I have developed a deep appreciation for the art of cinema and the power of visual storytelling. As an aspiring filmmaker, I am constantly seeking out new opportunities to hone my craft and expand my skill set.

One of my favorite aspects of cinema is the way in which it allows us to explore complex themes and ideas through the lens of a visual medium. Whether it's through the use of symbolism, metaphor, or allegory, cinema has the power to convey meaning in a way that is both profound and accessible.

I am passionate about the art of cinema and look forward to pursuing a career in this exciting and dynamic field. Whether I am working behind the camera or in the editing room, I am committed to telling stories that are both engaging and thought-provoking.

Past Video ​Projects

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Fugue State (2023)

AndWhat!? (2022)



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Plastic Flowers (TBD)

Summer in Taipei (TBD)


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